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“What Paula teaches is all about awareness of our essence. Words point the way but the experience goes beyond words into a timeless awareness. It’s a very spiritual practice combining physical and emotional elements. It is so healing and positive. Paula has the anatomical knowledge of the body in motion. She evaluates each student from exactly where they are, and teaches them skills and tools that will remodel the body into higher functioning with less pain. I had a bad fall and Paula kept me calm and out of shock and gave me tips for healing. Most recently, she told me over the phone how I could relieve an impinged ulnar nerve. In following her recommendations, the nerve released, and I became pain free. Paula's yoga practice can help achieve healing, quickly rebuilding the body and bringing peace of mind.” - Nan O’Keefe

“I have been going to Paula for body, mind, and soul work for 9 months. I was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 breast cancer in November 2011, so I wanted to be careful about who I chose to provide healing therapy. Paula is knowledgeable and well-educated in many forms of body work, psychology, and integrative mind/body/soul therapies. She is sensitive, and intuitive, and able to adapt the healing session, and modalities to my needs. After a session with Paula, I feel relaxed and centered. I have been known to go home and take a 4 hour (restorative) nap after receiving a treatment. I am a person who rarely naps! I trust Paula completely as a healer and body therapist, and would recommend her to anyone. She is an important person on my integrative therapy team. I have already lived long past my prognosis, and I know that the work I have done with Paula has contributed to this.” - Catherine Livingston

“Paula's technique is in the best senses holistic, thoroughly grounded and deeply resourceful. As a teacher she is simply gifted. She has a natural humility that is disarming and encourages a comfort level that is conducive to this type of study.” - Christine Carraher

Healing Injuries
“I broke my back and pelvis in eight places when a horse flipped on me. Paula Jeane was my main therapist during my recovery. She was able to assist me in walking correctly, helped with a healing diet and did amazing therapy. This happened in January and I was able to start riding again in April. I truly believe without her help I would not be doing all that I am currently doing. Thank you so much, Paula, for your healing therapy.” - Janet Dewitt

“Paula's gentle touch, compassionate understanding and unique individual approach to exercise and mind and body improvement have helped me to be healed, in more ways than one. She takes a personal interest in everyone who enters her presence.” - Dorothy Leftridge

Relieving Stress
“Paula is extraordinary. She has spectacular inner knowledge, really understands the body, and understands the body-mind connection. She manages to convey knowledge if you are open to it. She’s totally involved on every level in a way I can’t really describe. I always feel very good after a session, relaxed and very energized.” - Naomi Parker

“As a survivor with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I have experienced extreme anxiety for most of my life. Not until I was 38 years old had I ever been diagnosed professionally for this disorder. Until then, I’d thought I was no different than anyone else regarding my experiences with fear and anxiety. I began taking private sessions with Paula and attending her classes. When I first met Paula, I felt an unusual sense of connection and safety. With great care, she helped me learn to feel the places in my body that I had abandoned and filled with deep sorrow. During experiences of extreme stress, I would feel like I was coming apart and my fear was that I would disintegrate. As I gradually began to feel the presence of my vertebrae, hip joints, and shoulders through intermittent sessions over the next two years, I began to have a context of daily experience in my body. As I listen to my body’s voice, I feel whole. Through daily practice I have learned to manage the stress that would threaten my entire sense of being.” - Deona Flores

Releasing Pain
“I was moved to contact Paula because of shoulder pain that kept me awake at night. Now I am happy to report that I sleep well at night and am experiencing significant pain relief. Through Paula's breathwork and deep tissue, gentle touchwork I am able to more easily recognize and release tension as it arises. Paula guided me to experience and release held in grief of the loss of my husband, release repressed anger, and through role play and movement I am now able to understand and release dysfunctional communication with my daughter. These are all big issues released! We are so lucky to have Paula who is such a great asset to our healing community. As for me, through my work with Paula I feel happier and more able to move through the world with a lighter step. Paula understands how the body functions on the deepest levels and she helps me tune in to what is going on in my body even when I am not in class. I am remembering. Thank you Paula!” - Luana Lynch

“Paula first advertised her class with the phrase, ‘our aches and pains have stories to tell,’ something I already deeply understood. Having lived with the pain of fibromyalgia, I jumped at the chance to work with her. Through her class and individual counsel, she has helped me discover that my body is a master teacher revealing new pathways to healing. Paula offers a very personal, refreshing, down-to-earth approach to learning. She has creatively combined the wisdom of her 30+ years of study, experience and mastery into an eclectic mix of touch, process work, and meditative yoga. Our bodies are finely-tuned instruments which play a vital role in our overall state of being.” - Susan Innes

“I highly recommend Paula’s classes. This unique program is for all levels of experience. The student will receive a powerful and yet subtle boost in energy and well-being. As a yoga practitioner and teacher with over 30 years experience myself, I feel well qualified to comment on this yoga and the unusual person behind it all. Paula has a balanced and broad background in many areas of arts and science relating to the care of the mind and body. Her presentation is one of integrity and personal power. The classes are held in a beautiful desert location with views of the mountains to the south. The Dome itself is spacious and provides an open-hearted atmosphere, well suited to this practice. I found the wall poses/acupressure class on Saturday to be effective in reducing soreness in my muscles and joints. At the end of the class I felt calm and restored. Other days of the week include classes for strength development, flexibility, mental training, and breathing to give the student a pathway to physical health and spiritual peace.” - Kris Dybbro

“I began attending Paula's classes in September 2011. I now attend 3-5 times weekly. When I first began classes, I was developing neuropathy in my feet and taking supplements for plantar fascitis. Within the next 6 months, I have curtailed the supplements and the neuropathy has receded. I have been using yoga for about 5 years and this is the first time I have had any noticeable improvement regarding pain management or age related issues. Paula's level of skill and ability to discern what areas to concentrate on, is very helpful in repairing damaged musculature and realignment of bone structure.” - Bruce Baumgartner 

Aligning Your Spine
“I am in the midst of a profound re-ordering of many aspects of my life, and daily classes with Paula Jeane is definitely helping it along. Learning about how to align my body, breath and attention with the fluid energies of our universe resonates well beyond the timeframe of the class into all aspects of my days. The subtlety of the practice allows for daily improvements no matter how long you have been doing it. Her schedule, which changes in focus each day, keeps things novel and fun, and her compassionate sliding scale encourages frequent visits. I actually think I may be an inch taller as a result of her expansive teaching! Thanks Paula!” - Adriene Jenik

“Paula has reintroduced me to being in my body. She has guided me and reminded me to breathe in a more natural way. One of the best benefits of working with Paula has been her patient approach to her yoga style. For example, she has mentioned to me more than once in her classes that if even one cell in your body understands the suggested movement, your body is changing and growing for the better.” - Jeff Johnston

“Since I started in Paula’s class, I feel 100% better than I did before. Miraculous! After the very first class people said I looked taller.” - Kathy Barta

Finding Yourself
“Paula's journey has taken her through many modalities, incorporating the best of each but always keeping to her own truth. She dances with the cosmos and I have to say, Wow! She is a dedicated teacher with a gentle, relaxing touch, both a seeker and a doer, always open to new ways of being. And her workshops are fun.” - Savya Lee

“After just a month of classes with Paula Jeane I felt confident and strong enough to handle a 4.5 mile, moderate difficulty, roundtrip hike (including a full backpack of camera equipment) to Parker Lake High in the Eastern Sierras. It was amazing! I haven't done anything like that in 15 years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Samara

“Paula has helped me with her touch work through some very tough times in my life. I am grateful for her compassion and for deeply caring. She has made a difference in my life. I asked her to teach me how to do feet like she does. She's the best.” - DJ Knowles

“I arrived in Paula's office in tears, angry and sad from harsh words from a family member. I was surprised to learn that it was MY perceptions, MY insecurities that caused the debilitating emotions. I left Paula's office feeling fantastic, willing to open my heart to new possibilities in my relationships.” - Connie Morgan

“Paula’s work and goals are so awesome, inspiring and much needed!! Thanks for sharing them with me! Just wanted to say thank you again for the call. My day went very well afterwards. I went to an open casting call. I felt fine and confident about going to the casting office. I even volunteered (unsolicited) my jazz group CD, music resume and performance schedule, all without feeling like a space alien. Thanks!!” - Rhonda Robinson

More About Paula
“Paula's therapeutic skills extend to an ability to moderate groups of disparate individuals at odds with one another. I have seen her successfully focus and facilitate a group of warring environmentalists. She has sponsored showings of the videotape ‘The Color of Fear,’ designed to facilitate discussions about racism and work towards a solution for racial conflict. She deals gracefully, and where appropriate, humorously, with difficult human situations.” - Iona Chelette

“As a healer, Paula is sensitive, gentle, empathetic, and wise. For me, her sessions are always powerful, helpful, and delightful.” - Ted Black