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My passion is to share what has helped me immensely, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. Feels so good! I came from a rigid, crooked and pain-filled body. Now I am aging with amazing grace. And pain-free!” - Paula Jeane

Body Energy Education Playshop
Efficient movement saves energy & releases tension and pain

WHEN: June 8-10, 2018. Arrive anytime Friday and first session is at 7pm

Ends Sunday at 1pm but you're welcome to stay longer.

WHERE: Hummingbird Transformation Living Center, Cleveland, NM 87715

INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF: $200 includes room, facility rental & the playshop.

BYO food to prepare in guesthouse kitchen

BEE is about more efficient and fluid movement that mimics Nature. You create more space within and release stuck, stagnant energy. Feel yourself as an integrated whole, versus parts and pieces to be manipulated or controlled. This is subtle work that fine-tunes your body. No force or pushing, but merely slowly and carefully extending and observing differences. You may be strong and/or flexible, but are you, as a water being, fluid?

Some of the exercises will include facilitation using Process Work.  (
GOOD FOR whatever your physical ability or limitation. Apply this to any other physical activity in order not to damage your soft tissue and/or to help repair old wounds.  Call or email Paula for more info! Check out

One Sample of Many Workshops

                 Back Care Essentials: Simple, profound ways to befriend your back

     “Of the many reasons to praise Paula Jeane’s yoga instruction, I will speak to the take-aways. Take-aways are important pieces of practical knowledge that stay with you long after the classes. Simple things like how to stretch out the lower back without stress or pain.
     My lower back had been a painful issue for decades. Now, with just a few of Paula’s tips I am pain free almost all the time. When something does become stressed or tight in my back, I simply apply a few tips learned from Paula and very soon my issue is happily relieved and resolved.
     Of yoga classes I have attended over many years, I would say that I learned more in just a few of Paula’s than all the rest put together.
     Paula naturally goes into a zone while she teaches. She flows intuitively with each and every special issue that may arise for her students.
     Based on the take-aways alone, this is best yoga experience I have ever had. Paula is a treasure in the high desert.”
Blain Bovee, Harles Chariot, Canada

The following basic themes for classes and workshops will show you how to “tune in” to your body to strengthen, build awareness, heal, and move more comfortably with grace and ease.

Core class focuses on the second chakra, the physical power center. You will learn to move from your center while at the same time building abdominal strength. Integrated movement is used to begin realizing strength from the spine, the core, and out to the external muscles.

Brain class activates and retrains the brain through the use of brain training exercises. This will help you grow more neurons, improve your thinking and memory, and have some fun in the process. This is on the second Wednesdays of each month and incorporates the Balance exercises too.

The Joints class emphasizes the framework of the body—the bones. You discover how to move fluidly rather than as parts and pieces. To do so, the soft tissue is relaxed to create the space for the bones to extend with more ease. This class safely relieves tension and pain.

In Balance class you will explore how well your body aligns and balances front to back, left to right, and top to bottom. Standing balance poses are incorporated with attention to the fine details. Balance practice is vital as you age, especially if you are stiffening up, holding tension from injuries, and not doing daily activities necessary to maintain good balance.

The Wall class uses support from the dome walls to increase body awareness. This highlights the differences between body parts you abandon and areas that are tight. The wall plays a crucial role in aligning your body and helping you learn how to carry this awareness into daily life. Includes acupressure too.

Grounding class helps you slow down and connect with your body by taking time in each pose to adjust and listen for feedback. You will realign your body by tuning in to its responses to subtle shifts in movement and breath throughout the class. This class is perfect for everyone, but especially for those who are uneven and/or who have pain.

Energy Flow
In Energy Flow class you will learn how to channel life force energy throughout your entire body. This is accomplished by doing “burning” poses, building energy balls, and moving fluidly with awareness of your energy flow. Many who have mastered martial arts first had to master channeling their life force energy. This is on the third Friday of each month.

Somatic Meditation
The Somatic Meditation class will bring you peace and relaxation. By listening to your body’s feedback as you explore subtle movements and breath, you will be guided through a beautiful meditation. This is on the fourth Sunday

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