Paula’s Dome is available to rent for meetings, events, and filming. It was designed using sacred geometry to create a vortex of energy in the space, which is sure to contribute to your gathering. It is an incredibly multipurpose space that can hold up to 40 people depending on the event. 

Over the years many amazing events have taken place at the dome including: a wedding, filming a movie, staff training, art show, Buddhist ceremonies, sound healing ceremonies, poetry readings, as well as various workshops and meetings.

The rental cost is $20 per hour or 20% of income generated, but that can be negotiated to suit your needs. Local nonprofit groups can meet at Paula’s Dome for free. All arrangements must be made in advance, contact Paula with any questions or to get a negotiated price for your event.

If you or your attendees would like to stay on the property for the length of your event, there are rooms for rent in the main house. For additional information visit: 

Rent The Dome

Call Today 720-323-3990


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