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Paula was born and raised in Detroit until her early 20’s when she then journeyed out west. During her youth she spent much of her time struggling with her health and emotions. Growing up with little support, she learned how to become independent and use education to make her way in the world. By her early 20’s Paula had severe structural issues in her spine and body; it was then that Paula was given a book on yoga by her mother. Almost half a century later, it is still one of the biggest gifts she received because within that simple offering was the birth of her way back to health and self empowerment. 

Once out west, Paula continued to travel the world all while maintaining her yoga practice and learning from others. Having such a wide range of teachers all around the world gave her the deep foundation for the body awareness therapy system she uses today. 

Paula is excited to share a life of learning and healing that penetrates all levels of being, she has created a relaxing, healing movement and touchwork style that clears, charges and channels energy, emotional and physical, to balance the whole system.

The teachers who have most deeply informed her for over 30 years have been Drs. Arny and Amy Mindell and their colleagues at the Process Work Institute in Portland, OR, and Dr. Risa Kaparo of Somatic Learning in Pt. Richmond, CA.

Paula has a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters in Special Education. In addition, she is a Certified Massage Therapist, a Healing Touch Practitioner, a professor of psychology and a trained facilitator. She facilitates awareness on all levels with safety and ease.

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