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I broke my back and pelvis in eight places when a horse flipped on me. Paula Jeane was my main therapist during my recovery. She was able to assist me in walking correctly. I truly believe without her help I would not be doing all that I am currently doing. Thank you so much!  - Janet Dewitt

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​​​The Journey to Empowerment

In 1967 following a childhood of struggle and poor health,
Paula was given a book on yoga by her mother. Almost half a century later, it is still one of the biggest gifts she received because within that simple offering was the birth of her way back to health and self empowerment. 

After over 35 years of teaching, Paula has developed a unique approach to healing and the body. She applies the simplicity of movement and gentle touchwork as the feedback and connection to the body’s wisdom it needs to heal itself. Each
class and private session is customized to your body and its movement. This creates better results and a greater awareness of your body and its functions. Even today, all of Paula’s classes and techniques still have the same foundation and principles she used almost 50 years ago to heal herself. 

Why Body Therapy Can Heal You

Paula has worked with countless people all over the world on healing everything from improper spinal alignment to major physical trauma, and even cancer. Over the years the results speak for themselves and the system works because of 4 key factors. 

  • Her system puts you back in control of your body and its function.
  • You learn how to use your body’s feedback to heal and reconnect.
  • The physical movements and touch work are therapy to the body and stimulate the nervous system to fire properly.
  • Every movement is designed to create interconnection.

The Sacred Dome for Healing

In 1986, one year after moving to Joshua Tree, Paula’s vision of founding a healing center became a reality when she built Paula’s Dome. This space was designed using sacred geometry, which created a vortex of energy to increase the ability to heal. Over the years, the property has evolved to become a more self sustainable living space to further increase its love and power. When you come onto the grounds you can feel the deep intention and mindfulness that goes into every inch of the place. Interested in renting Paula’s Dome?
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